Start Getting Sh*t Done

Method lets you create space so you can focus on what needs to be done.

Why we built Method

Ever feel lost in a never ending to do list constantly jumping from project to project and constantly feeling overwhelmed?

What we realised is that in order to get things done you need to commit time to your tasks. So we started booking time out in our calendar to work through our to do’s. This was great as it allowed us to create space to focus but it soon became tricky to manage and it didn’t give us context of how much time we had to take on new to do’s.

This is where Method was born. We wanted a simple app that connected our to do list with our calendar enabling us to see how much we had to do in the context of how much time we had spare around meetings and other calendar events.

Since using Method we’ve been able to get on top of our workload and stay on top, spending less time worrying about what we need to do and more time actually getting sh*t done.

Dave, the designer of Method
James, the engineer of Method

How it works

We designed Method to be incredibly simple and focus on help you get stuff done with minimal fuss.

One list. No fuss.

No folders or multiple lists, just a simple task list with sub tasks to keep things organised and keep you on top of what you need to do.

Plan your day. The easy way.

See a fresh day every morning and simply drag your tasks over. Find the spaces in your calendar to get focused work done.

Get the nudge. Then get cracking.

When the time comes for your task to be done, Method will send you a desktop notification to remind what’s important right at that moment.

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